Friday Newsletter
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Dear Centre Leaders,
We hope you have had a good week.
We have the following items for your attention:
  • Calls for competition, publications, training 
  • INDEPTH ED proudly wears official shirts of member centres
  • Better maternity leave laws are needed to protect African mothers
  • NHRC holds 2015 annual review meeting
1.  Calls for competition, publications, training 
Please find below a collection of information that may be of interest to you, including calls and competitions, publications, trainings and/or events. For additional information, please consult the corresponding websites.     
• CODESRIA – Comparative Research Networks 2016 Competition – Call for Applications for Laureates
April 15, 2016 / Date limite : le 15 avril 2016
• Global Health Action (GHA) – Call for papers
Deadline: End of August 2016 / Date limite : à la fin du mois d'août 2016
• Training / Formation
Appel à candidatures : Université d'été du LASDEL 2016 (7ème session)
From September 26th to October 9, 2016 / Du 26 septembre au 9 octobre 2016

2. INDEPTH ED proudly wears official shirts of member centres
The photograph shows the ED of INDEPTH, Prof Osman Sankoh, proudly wearing a shirt made from the official cloth of the Centre Suisse de Recherchhes Scientifiques en Cote d'Ivoire (CSRS) which runs Taabo HDSS. Centres that have similar materials should let our ED know.
News from our member centres
1. Better maternity leave laws are needed to protect African mothers
Elizabeth Kimani Murage, Research Scientist
Maternity leave for women in developing countries is still a massive problem, with many women in informal sectors not receiving adequate cover.

More than 70% of working women do not enjoy the full benefits of maternity leave. Only 330 million women – or 28% of working women – are fully protected, meaning they get time off and full pay. About 80% of those without adequate maternity protection are in Africa and Asia. When women do not enjoy full maternity benefits, their health – and that of their children – may be affected.
  Read more
2. NHRC holds 2015 annual review meeting
A Senior lecturer at the School of Public Health, University of Ghana Legon, Dr. Francis Anto, has commended the Navrongo Health Research Centre (NHRC) for contributing to scientific discourse by publishing widely in peer reviewed journals. Read more
Policy Engagement and Communications