Friday Newsletter
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Dear Centre leaders,
Greetings from the INDEPTH Training and Resource Centre.  We hope you had a fruitful week.  We have the following items for your kind attention
  • Countdown: INDEPTH AGM 2017 a few weeks to go – 33/43 centres will attend
  • What Centre Leaders say about INDEPTH Network
  • INDEPTH loses a friend
  • Revisiting the INDEPTH Monograph Series
1. Countdown: INDEPTH AGM 2017 a few weeks to go – 33/43 centres will attend
This year the INDEPTH Annual General Meeting will be held from 11-12 December 2017 in Dubai, UAE and we are happy to inform that the leaders and representatives from the following member centre will attend. We will regretfully miss 10 centres this year. We hope that everyone will be able to attend ISC 2018 which in which we will celebrate INDEPTH’s 20th Anniversary (INDEPTH@20). 
1    AHRI South Africa
2   Kintampo Ghana
3   Agincourt South Africa
4   Bandafassi Senegal
5   Bandim Guinea Bissau
6   Cross River Nigeria
7   Dabat Ethiopia
8   Dikgale South Africa
9   Dodowa Ghana
10   Filabavi Vietnam
11   Iganga/Mayuge Uganda
12   Kaya Burkina Faso
13   Kersa Ethiopia
14   Kilite Awlaelo Ethiopia
15   Kombewa Kenya
16   Magu Tanzania
17   Nahuche Nigeria
18   Nairobi Kenya
19   Nanoro Burkina Faso
20   Navrongo Ghana
21   PiH Papua New Guinea
22   Purworejo Indonesia
23   Ouagadougou Burkina Faso
24   Gilgel Gibe Ethiopia
25   Chokwe Mozambique
26   Karongo Malawi
27   Harar Ethiopia
28   Manhica Mozambique
29   Mbita Kenya
30   Ballabgarh India
31   Mlomp Senegal
32   Niakhar Senegal
33   Butajira Ethiopia
2. What Centre Leaders say about INDEPTH Network
We are developing a webpage on comments leaders of INDEPTH member centres have about their Network. We would like to encourage all centre leaders to leave us a word. These will be put together for INDEPTH’s 20th anniversary celebration next year.
See what your colleagues are saying about INDEPTH by clicking on "What Centre Leaders Say": Please send your comments to who handles our communications activities.
3. INDEPTH loses a friend 
We are saddened to inform of the death of Mr. Raphael Isingo (Kisesa statistician, Magu HDSS, Tanzania). He passed away in early hours of last Wednesday, 22nd Nov., 2017.   He had been unwell in the last two years and he died in the Muhimbili hospital in Dar es Salaam.  News about burial place and dates etc. will be communicated in due course.  On behalf of the entire membership of the Network we wish to express our deepest condolences to our friends in Magu HDSS, Tanzania.  May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
4. Revisiting the INDEPTH Monograph Series

INDEPTH started in 2002 with the Monograph Series and published our first
Population and Health in Developing countries  

And in 2004 we published our second
INDEPTH Model Life Tables for Sub-Saharan Africa

And in 2005 our third
Measuring Health Equity in Small Areas

Because the above three books turned out to be huge undertakings that required several funded workshops over several months and also for the fact that the monographs were not considered peer-reviewed products, the INDEPTH Scientific Advisory Committee advised a discontinuation of the Monograph Strategy and urged the Network to focus on peer-reviewed papers in international journals.

We agreed with the SAC but landed on the minefield of authorship issues -- who should be authors. We developed policies in 2008 and recently in 2015 which you can find on the website: Click to view


We encouraged Working Groups, Projects and member centres to focus on peer-reviewed papers. 

You have been excellent in doing so to the extent we can now count at least 400 papers by the Network annually. See the lists we present in our annual reports: click to view

But we have faced two main problems:

  1. Many centres still do not add their INDEPTH affiliation when they publish. As a result a search for INDEPTH on PubMed doesn't yield the publication success we have achieved as a collective; and
  2. Working groups and Projects still need a long time to be able to publish papers.

The Impact 

The impact of the above two problems is that INDEPTH's scientific productivity is not projected effectively to the international community. 

The suggested solutions

A. Use INDEPTH affiliation 

A solution that's dictated by the first problem above is our continued appeal to centre leaders to encourage their staff and colleagues to add INDEPTH to their affiliations when they publish papers, especially those based on the HDSS platform which has benefited in diverse ways from INDEPTH support (participating in iSHARE2 and other network activities)

B. Revisiting the INDEPTH Monograph Series Strategy

Without neglecting the peer-reviewed articles, we think that INDEPTH should bring back the INDEPTH Monograph Series and commission member centres to host specific topics in areas they are very strong in. We will ask the SAC to assist us with a generic call for proposals so that centres can apply to host an INDEPTH Commission.  This will be similar to the Lancet Commissions:  

Please send your comments to: Prof Osman Sankoh at:  They will assist us as we develop the Work Plan for 2018. 

Policy Engagement and Communications