AWI-Gen Planning Meeting, Accra, Ghana

AWI-Gen Planning Meeting.

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  Name HDSS/Institution Position Picture Biosketch
Michele Ramsay University of the Witwatersrand   Biosketch
Stuart Ali University of the Witwatersrand   Biosketch
Abraham Oduro Navrongo HDSS Centre Leader Biosketch
4 Godfred Agongo Navrongo HDSS  


5 Romuald Boua Nanoro HDSS      Biosketch
6 Gershim Asiki Nairobi HDSS      
7 Shukri Mohamed Nairobi HDSS      Biosketch
  INDEPTH Team  
8 Mamusu Kamanda INDEPTH Network  

Post-doctoral Research Fellow; Acting Head Science Research and Co-ordination

9 Osman Sankoh INDEPTH Network Executive Director    Biosketch