Global longitudinal retrospective health data sets (HDSS) - the perfect storm for empirical research on the impacts of climate change on nutrition and health

The workshop series "Climate change and health: opportunities for collaboration between disciplines" provide an opportunity for researchers and scholars to discuss how to link longitudinal (retrospective) health datasets (HDSS) with time-series data from different sectors (meteorology, agriculture, entomology, economics), and to link empirical results, from which climate health impact functions can be distilled to existing climate models in order to be able to project health impacts to various policy relevant time horizons, i.e. 2050.
The main objective of the workshop series is to frame collaborative and programmatic research agendas in two key areas:
1. Designing and improving research methods in climate and health, in particular using longitudinal retrospective datasets (HDSS)
2. Quantifying the burden of child undernutrition from climate change in Africa.

Detailed Programme