Accra, 3 Aug 2017; New Dodowa HDSS Centre Leader visits the INDEPTH Resource Centre in Accra

3 Aug 2017

The new Director of the Dodowa Health Research Centre who is the Centre Leader for the Dodowa HDSS in Ghana, Dr John Williams, paid a courtesy call today on the INDEPTH Executive Director, Prof. Osman Sankoh. Joining him was Mr Solomon Narh-Bana the head of the Dodowa HDSS operations. Welcoming the Dodowa guests were, in addition to the ED, the following: Dr James Akazili (iHOPE Project Manager), Dr Mamusu Kamanda (Ag. Scientific Research & Co-ordination Manager), Mr Titus Tei (Projects & Capacity Strengthening), Mrs Margaret Bugase (Administrative Manager), Ms Samuelina Arthur (ENAP Project Co-ordinator) and Mr Francis Ameni (Acting ICT Manager).

Dr Williams said his purpose was to introduce himself as the new Director of the Centre and to discuss a few key issues related to the centre. Prof Sankoh was delighted to receive the Dodowa team and thanked Dodowa for the role it has played due to its proximity to the Resource Centre -- key funders and other guests who wish to see HDSS is operation are taken to Dodowa where the centre has always been welcoming. The ED assured the Dodowa guests of INDEPTH's continued willingness to support the centre and encouraged them to be proactive in participating in INDEPTH activities.

From left: Prof. Osman Sankoh (INDEPTH Executive Director),  Dr. John Williams (Dodowa Centre leader),
Mr Solomon Narh-Bana (Head of Dodowa HDSS operations)

A key item discussed was the centre's desire to migrate its data collection platform onto OpenHDS and there was agreement about the next steps.