Accra, 6 July 2017 Wellcome Trust visits the INDEPTH Resource and Training Centre in Accra

6 Jul 2017

Dr Branwen Hennig, the Senior Portfolio Lead in Population, Environment and Health  at the Wellcome Trust in London, UK paid a courtesy call on 6th July 2017 at the INDEPTH Resource & Training Centre in Accra, Ghana where she held discussions with Prof. Osman Sankoh, the INDEPTH Executive Director. INDEPTH has been honoured over the years to receive representatives from most of its funding organisations.

Wellcome Trust started funding INDEPTH in 2002 with a grant to assist INDEPTH develop a strategic business plan. Since 2002 the Wellcome Trust has consistently provided core and project funding to INDEPTH, culminating in a long-term strategic award for the period 2012-2018 which, together with support from Sida/Research Cooperation Unit (Sweden) and Hewlett Foundation (USA), has made INDEPTH today’s leader in sharing public health research data from the Global South.

Dr Henning and Osman discussed, among others, INDEPTH’s new plans to submit a proposal for a collaborative award and the general financial situation of the Network. As expected, INDEPTH, as a collective, must come up with the BIG SCIENTIFIC QUESTIONS to be more attractive to science funders. We have accepted the challenge and we will continue to work harder.