Kersa HDSS: Medical waste collectors in Eastern Ethiopia exposed to injury and body fluids contamination

3 Mar 2017

Health facilities generate different types of wastes which are characterized as hazardous, most of which are toxic, harmful, carcinogenic and infectious. Waste collectors face massive exposure to hazardous wastes and occupational accidents as a result of manual handling of healthcare waste and working under unfavourable conditions.

This study published in the Journal of Prevention and Infection Control employed a cross-sectional study design on medical wastes collectors interviewed. The healthcare waste management system of health facilities was also assessed. For data analysis, factors associated with exposure to sharp injuries and blood and body fluids were identified by a binary logistic regression with Generalized Estimating Equation model to control the effect of clustering.

The study came to the conclusion that medical waste collectors are exposed to high sharp injury and blood and body fluid. The researchers recommended Adequate training before employment and on job, provision of personal protective devices and routine exposure reporting mechanism, testing, medication and post exposure prophylaxis and establishment of therapeutic centres. Read more