New VA data analysis – a call for centre contributions

8 Sep 2017

The INDEPTH Data Analysts Group is working on analysing both the iSHARE and the VA data to produce a report for INDEPTH’s 20th anniversary.

As you aware, the Network published 8 multi-centre papers in 2014 using interVA datasets from 22 HDSSs. Individual HDSSs from the 22 HDSSs also published HDSS specific papers. The link to the papers is below. 
llink to the papers

The 22 interVA-4 datasets were from the following HDSSs:

The 22 interVA-4 datasets were from the following HDSSs:
1.       African Centre  
2.       Kilite
3.       Agincourt                
4.       Kisumu
5.       AMK                      
6.       Matlab
7.       Ballabgarh               
8.       Nairobi
9.       Bandarban                
10.   Navrongo
11.   Chakaria
12.   Niakhar
13.   Dodowa
14.   Nouna
15.   Farafenn
16.   Ouagadougou
17.   Filabavi   
18.   Purworejo
19.   Karonga
20.   Taabo
21.   Kilifi   
22.   Vadu


We have received new intervA-4 datasets from the following 8 HDSSs, making a total of 30 VA datasets.
1.      Butajira  
5.       Kersa
2.      Chililab             
6.       Kntampo
3.       Gilgel Gibe                      
7.      Kombewa
4.       Rufiji               
8.       Rakai

We are kindly requesting for the following:

For the proposed new analysis, we are requesting the latest datasets (up to 2016 as possible):

1. An updated  VA dataset from the  30 HDSSs whose datasets we already have; and
2.  All other HDSSs (13) to join this Network-wide analysis by submitting their datasets

Please submit the datasets and any queries to Samuelina Arthur by 22nd September, 2017