• 3 Sep 2015

    Check out life spans around the world — And likely years of ill health

    It is one of those good news/bad news stories. A study in the medical journal The Lancet found that people around the world — in countries rich, poor and in the middle — are living longer. But here's the rub. You can't count on living those extra years in good health.
  • 2 Sep 2015

    Ifakara Centre launches training programmes

    The Ifakara Health Research Institute (IHI), an INDEPTH member centre in Tanzania has launched a Masters degree and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programmes in its new training facility in Bagamoyo, near the country's main city, Dar es Salaam. Speaking during the opening ceremony on 24 August 2015,...
  • Capacity Strengthening and Training Strategic Group
    18 Aug 2015

    INDEPTH Capacity Strengthening and Training group holds first meeting

    Ten leaders of INDEPTH member centres met in Accra, Ghana, from 17-19 August 2015 for the first meeting of the INDEPTH Capacity Strengthening and Training Strategic Group.  Over 20 participants attended the meeting which deliberated on how the Network would benefit more from capacity strengthening...
  • Dr Mustapha Sidiki Kaloko and Prof Osman Sankoh
    13 Aug 2015

    African Union Commissioner receives the INDEPTH ED

    INDEPTH Network Executive Director Prof. Osman Sankoh (right) on 12 August 2015 met His Excellency Dr Mustapha Sidiki Kaloko (left), Africa Union’s Commissioner for Social Affairs at AU Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Dr Kaloko's Department at the AU is responsible for handling and...
  • 12 Aug 2015

    Music concert marks end of Nouna scientific meeting

    The 3rd Scientific Days of Nouna Health Research Centre (CRSN) ended on a high note on Saturday 1 August 2015 with a social event at the town centre with hundreds of Nouna residents and conference participants attending. The concert featured prominent artists in Burkina Faso: Awa Sissao, Solo Dja,...
  • 12 Aug 2015

    INDEPTH ED attends key meeting on civil registration

    INDEPTH Network Executive Director Prof. Osman Sankoh is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for a two-day meeting deliberating on how Health and Demographic Surveillance Systems (HDSSs) can contribute to strengthening civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) systems in low- and middle-income countries...
  • 29 Jul 2015

    Counted, people see they also matter

    Polesgo, on the outskirts of the Burkina Faso capital, is one of areas covered by Ouagadougou Health and Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS). The Ouaga HDSS targets the most vulnerable populations of the city. Special attention is given to areas of unplanned growth. 
  • Nanoro HDSS PDA Demo
    28 Jul 2015

    Nanoro field staff say they work faster with PDAs

    The pictures show Karim Derra, the Manager of Nanoro Health and Demographic Surveillance Site (HDSS), an INDEPTH Network member in Burkina Faso, demonstrating the operations of a tablet in electronic data collection at Nanoro during a presentation on OpenDSS to visiting INDEPTH managers David...