• 9 Jun 2017

    Stipends and bursaries to attend the Global Evidence Summit, 13-16 September 2017, Cape Town

    Various stipends and bursaries are offered, also specifically for participants from low and middle income countries, to attend the Global Evidence Summit in Cape Town in September this year. Read more: 
  • 2 Jun 2017

    Drowning: WHO provides guidance

    A recent Lancet editorial reminds us that each year, more than 360,000 people are estimated to die from drowning worldwide. Globally, drowning occurs most often in children between 1 and 4 years of age, and in Bangladesh drowning accounts for 43% of all deaths in this age group....
  • 28 May 2017

    How Trump's proposed US aid cuts will affect healthcare in Africa

    As part of his proposed first budget, US President Donald Trump has threatened to cut US aid to levels not seen since the 1970s and 1990s. This could have a devastating effect on healthcare in Africa. In this interesting article, the Executive Director of the African Population and Health...
  • 22 May 2017

    INDEPTH AGM to take place from 11-13 December in Dubai and more

    Dates for INDEPTH Network 2017 Annual General Meeting have been confirmed. The meeting will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on 11 and 12 December 2017. Centre Leaders will arrive on 10th December and depart on 13th December 2017. Accommodation will be at Arabian Park Hotel, Dubai, UAE which...
  • 19 May 2017

    IDMP Workshop 7 in progress in Dubai

    The INDEPTH Data Management Programme (IDMP) Training Workshop 7 kicked off on 7 May 2017 in Dubai.  The overall aim of the workshop is to prepare iSHARE2 member sites to use Centre-in-a-Box (CiB)...
  • 12 May 2017

    Pneumococcal carriage in children under five years in Uganda

    Pneumonia is the major cause of death in children globally, with more than 900,000 deaths annually in children under five years of age. Streptococcus pneumoniae causes most deaths, most often in the form of community acquired pneumonia. Pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCVs) are currently...
  • 12 May 2017

    Assessing the catastrophic effects of out-of-pocket healthcare payments prior to the uptake of a nationwide health insurance scheme in Ghana

    Financial risk protection against the cost of unforeseen healthcare has gained global attention in recent years. Although Ghana implemented a nationwide health insurance scheme with a goal of reducing financial barriers to accessing healthcare and addressing impoverishing effects of out-of-pocket (...
  • 8 May 2017

    Risk assessment an integral part of an organisation, says INDEPTH ED

    The INDEPTH Executive Director Prof. Osman Sankoh on Friday 5 May 2007 led a meeting of staff of the Resource and Training Centre in Accra to develop a risk assessment matrix for the oganisation. The tool allows quick view of the probable risks evaluated in terms of the likelihood or probability of...