Prof. Nguyen Thi Kim Chuc

Centre Leader
Filabavi HDSS, Vietnam

Chuc Nguyen Thi Kim, Pharmacist, MSc, PhD, is Associate Professor and Vice Director of Family Medicine Department at Hanoi Medical University. Dr. Chuc has been involved in Medical research and education since 1990. Her field of expertise is the assessment of Health Care system and medical education systems and the implementation of national and international research in Health sector, particularly in the area of primary health care.  In this capacity she has been being coordinator of several projects such as Health System Research Project supported by Sida/SAREC, Family Medicine Development in Vietnam, supported by CMB.  Dr. Chuc is also the leader of Filabavi Demographic Surveillance Site where many publication on different topics are published internationally. It is the first site in Vietnam and has been being the research field for under and post graduate for Hanoi Medical University. She is one of the pioneers to set up the Dodalab site. It's a urban site in Vietnam.