Board of Trustees

The INDEPTH Board of Trustees consists of a  total of 12  members: 6 Elected Members representing the member centres of the Network; 3 Members appointed by the Elected Members; the Executive Director as an Ex-Officio Member; a co-opted Finance Expert; and the Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee as a Co-Opted Member.

The Chair and Vice Chair of the Board are elected from among all the members.

The Board Secretary is the legal adviser to the Network.

The Board's primary role is to provide oversight and accountability for the activities of the Resource & Training Centre and the Network as a whole. The Board appoints the INDEPTH Executive Director and is responsible for appraising his/her performance.


Prof Tumani Corrah
Africa Research Excellence Fund (AREF)
Mr. Pali Lehohla
Statistician-General, South Africa
Vice Chair
Prof. Peter Byass
University of Umeå, Sweden
Prof. Amelia Crampin
Karonga HDSS
Dr. Walter Otieno
Kombewa HDSS, Kenya
Prof. Nguyen Thi Kim Chuc
Filabavi HDSS, Vietnam
Dr. Ricardo Thompson
Chokwe HDSS
Dr. Muluemebet Abera Wordofa
Gigel Gibe HDSS, Ethiopia
Prof. Oche Mansur Oche
Nahuche HDSS, Nigeria
Dr. Josephine Odera
Africa Centre for Transformative & Inclusive Leadership
Prof. Osman Sankoh
Executive Director
Dr. Kofi Baku
University of Ghana, Ghana
Board Secretary

Board Membership in Previous Years

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