Executive Director's Office

The Executive Director of INDEPTH is the head of the INDEPTH Secretariat. He/She contributes leadership to Network efforts and is responsible for the on-going management and development of the INDEPTH Network.  She/he is accountable to the Board of Trustees of INDEPTH. The ED's primary responsibilities include the following:

  • Managing INDEPTH's projects, resources and budgets on behalf of the Board of Trustees, including
    • managing full-time Secretariat personnel and overseeing financial matters, capacity strengthening and training, external relations and communications, and other administrative functions
  • Developing and implementing new strategies to
    • enhance network visibility
    • improve capabilities of member centres, and
    • facilitate collaborative efforts with complementary organisations
  • Ensuring the initiation and completion of network-level (i.e., cross-site) research, including both
    • prioritising projects and opportunities, and
    • optimising centre participation
  • Co-ordinating fund-raising activities for the INDEPTH Network
  • Regular reporting on the status of the INDEPTH Network and its research programme to the Board of Trustees and INDEPTH members

Team Members

Prof. Osman Sankoh
Executive Director
Executive Director
Caroline Tekyi-Mensah
Senior Executive Assistant