Dr. Yadeta Dessie Bacha

Dr. Yadeta Dessie Bacha is a Public Health Expert presently working as a lecturer at the college of health and medical Sciences at Haramaya University primarily teaching health economics course for Master of Public Health (MPH) students. He has been supervising MPH students for their thesis work since 2011. Yadeta is currently a fifth year PhD fellow at Haramaya University in the field of Public Health. He is a member of Kersa Health and Demographic Surveillance Site (KHDSS). in Ethiopia, affiliated to Haramaya University. Yadeta had worked as a director for Research and Publication Office in the college in the period from December 2009-2013. He has conducted various caliber of studies of cross-sectional to longitudinal designs, and participated in several international and national health research trainings. Yadeta has twelve publications, and made several oral and poster presentations on conferences/symposiums/workshops.