How the Resource & Training Centre works

We conduct longitudinal research based on Health and Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS) field sites in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) to improve the lives of people in these countries by informing and influencing policy.   

INDEPTH provides robust answers to some of the most important questions in development. Through our global network of HDSS field sites in Africa, Asia and Oceania, we are capable of producing reliable longitudinal data not only about the lives of people in LMICs, but about the impact on those lives of development policies and programmes.  

How we work

  • We support the INDEPTH Working Groups to realise their ambitious plans for expanding the boundaries of scientific knowledge based on HDSS research.
  • We strengthen the capacities of HDSS members and train their staff to conduct high quality health and demographic research.
  • We enhance members’ scientific productivity and improve on the quality of data collection, analysis and management.
  • We focus on building a pool of highly trained and efficient young researchers/scientists to conduct world-class research and ensure sustainable leaders for the respective HDSSs.
  • In partnership with our collaborators, we energetically strive to translate the successful research into improved global policies. To this end, we synthesise the knowledge generated by INDEPTH into comprehensive policy documents to influence policy-making and ensuring an on-going dialogue among policy makers, practitioners and scientists.
  • We always seek and use every opportunity to work closely with the Board of Trustees who in turn demonstrates its leadership role.
  • We utilise the Scientific Advisory Committee to steer the Network’s scientific agenda into promising directions