Measuring Performance

Performance measurement is central to the Network’s growth and evolution. Not only are funders increasingly requiring it, but it is vital that INDEPTH monitor its productivity in such domains as publications, graduate students, dataset production and policy translation. Measuring our impact helps to clarify our value proposition to a wider range of stakeholders.

Intermediate performance indicators cut across our three business lines (research, policy engagement and communication, research capacity strengthening) and Network organs in order to clarify what is expected of each Working Group, member centre, Resource & Training Centre, Scientific Advisory Committee and the Board. They allow for a complete view of the Network given our inherent inter-relatedness. Regular tracking towards defined targets helps identify critical issues as they arise so that they can be addressed in good time. Consistently, on an annual basis, we critically review intermediate outputs and aggregate Network productivity in the domains just noted.

The Network has developed a results-based monitoring system with a log frame to report on outputs and outcomes of our Strategic Plan