Dabat HDSS

University of Gondar
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Dabat HDSS, also called the Dabat Research Center (DRC), was established at Dabat District in 1996 by the then Gondar College of Medical Sciences. Currently the surveillance is being run by the College of Medicine and Health Sciences which is one of the colleges/faculties of the University of Gondar. Dabat is one of the 21 districts in North Gondar Administrative Zone of Amhara Region in Ethiopia. There are two health centres, three health stations, and 29 health posts providing health services for the community. An all-weather road runs from Gondar town through Dabat to some towns of Tigray. Dabat town, the capital of Dabat District, is located approximately 821 km northwest of Addis Ababa and 75 km north of Gondar town.