Sapone HDSS

Centre National de Recherche et de Formation Sur le Paludisme
Burkina Faso
86 069

The Sapone DSS is located in the centre of Burkina faso, 40 km at the south from the capital, Ouagadougou in the Sudan-Sahelian eco-climatic zone (isohyets 600-800). The DSS covers an area of 1700 Km2. As in the rest of the country, the topography is rarely uneven; it consists of a plateau dissected by the Nazinon, one of the most important rivers of the country which run up to Ghana. The mean temperature recorded during the twenty five years is 28.5° C and the mean rainfall for the same period goes up to 724.3 mm. The climate is characterized by a rainy season from June to September and dry season from October to may (cold from December to February, hot from March to May).