What Centre Leaders Say about INDEPTH

“Since joining INDEPTH in 2013, we have immensely benefitted in international exposure, attracting studies especially the current large epidemiological studies. We have had several trainings for our HDSS staff, excellent collaboration with several INDEPTH member states and we look forward to several collaborations in the future.”

Dr. Walter Oteino, Kombewa HDSS, Kenya

“Our collaboration with the Secretariat and participation in working groups has helped us implement new data cleaning procedures, ensured the adoption of InterVA (algorithmic diagnostic tool) and our decision to join INDEPTHStats.”

Dr. Abdramane Soura, Ouagadougou HDSS, Burkina Faso

“Due to our work with the Secretariat, we’ve been able to fund one of our scientists to receive a master’s degree and ensure improved data cleaning and analytical capacity. With the advent of INESS, we’ve been able to move to electronic data collection using PDAs and tablets, from the expensive paper based system. In addition, we’ve introduced Verbal Autopsies and InterVA– using algorithms for the attribution of diagnoses.”
Dr. Eusebio Macete, Manhica HDSS, Mozambique.


“INDEPTH helps us in capacity building extensively and provided us many opportunities to present our work in international forums. Moreover, working with the Secretariat, we’ve been able to take corrective measures in our data base and improve our data collection system.”

Dr. Yohannes Adama, Kilite-Awlaelo HDSS, Ethiopia

“As a new center, we received capacity building support from the Secretariat to help us set up our HDSS as well as improve our ongoing performance. In addition, the experiences of other sites has helped us adjust our system and improve effectiveness.”

Fasil Tessema, Gilgel Gibe HDSS, Ethiopia

“Our involvement with the Network convinced us to share and harmonize data through iShare2, as well as enabled many opportunities for cross-site research and capacity strengthening.”

Prof. Bui Thi Thu Ha, Chililab HDSS, Vietnam


“INDEPTH membership has given our centre, an international exposure to the international scientific community focused on HDSS and health as well as our capacity for conducting longitudinal studies. Our association with INDEPTH has also given us opportunity to venture into novel areas and work with other centres to make them successful for INDEPTH, including the iSHARE2 and INDEPTHStats initiatives, co-ordinated by the Secretariat.”

Dr. Sanjay Juvekar, Vadu HDSS, India


“Working with other centres in the Network and the Secretariat, we’ve been able to adopt standardised tools and procedures, ensuring ever increasing quality of our data and science.”

Dr. Nega Assefa, Kersa, Ethiopia



Our work with the Secretariat has enabled our scientists to collaborate on several multisite analyses and ensured our participation in the iShare initiative.”

Dr. Amelia Crampin, Karonga HDSS, Malawi



“The Secretariat has enabled us to get seed grants for scientific research. Our membership in the INDEPTH Network has increased both the volume of our scientific output and the visibility of the work of our HDSS.”

Dr. Alex Ezeh, Nairob HDSS, Kenya



“Working with the Secretariat, we’ve been able to further develop our centre Infrastructure and ensure collaboration with other sites across the Network.”

Dr. Seth Owusu-Agyei, Kintampo HDSS, Ghana


“Our membership has a number of positive impacts for our site, especially standardization of data to be usable by others across the Network and striving towards improving our high standards.”

Dr. Mitike Molla, Butajira HDSS, Ethiopia