ABACUS Data Training on REDCap, Johannesburg, South Africa

The ABACUS Africa and Asian Coordinators and their IT officers will undergo RedCap usage training to equip them the skills to offer training to the ABACUS projects members in Africa (Ghana, South Africa, and Mozambique) and Asia (Bangladesh, Thailand, and Vietnam)

Name HDSS, Country Position Picture Biosketch
Fezile Mdluli Agincourt , South Africa      Biosketch
Daniel Ohene-Kwofie Agincourt , South Africa  Facilitator    Biosketch
Huong Vu Thi Lan Filabavi, Vietanam       Biosketch
Nga Do Thi Thuy Filabavi, Vietanam      Biosketch 
Itayi Adam Agincourt , South Africa       Biosketch
Francis Ameni INDEPTH, Accra Acting ICT Manager     Biosketch
Peter Asiedu  INDEPTH, Accra Abacus Africa Coordinator     Biosketch