ABACUS - Writing session on first qualitative paper workshop, Umea, Sweden


  • Review progress on the ABACUS single-site qualitative papers, and to determine what additional support may be needed to finalise the papers for submission
  • To discuss and develop a cross-site qualitative paper


Travel Advisory

a) We will issue out letters of invitation to confirmed participants to enable them apply for visas, where applicable. Please inform the Secretariat if you require any assistance.

b) For overnight stays, please see travel support below.
a) Tickets will be bought centrally by the ABACUS project

Travel support

a)      The ABACUS project will cover the cost of a return economy class ticket from home country to the city where the workshop will be held.

b)      In-country travel from HDSS site to the airport will be covered. Please inform the cost. Evidence of payment for the travel must be produced.

c)       Should overnight stay both in-country and while in transit be necessary, please inform before starting the journey so that adequate preparation is done for reimbursements. Original receipts will be requested by the ABACUS project.

d)      The ABACUS project will cover accommodation for the workshop days plus half boarding (bed, breakfast, lunch and two coffee breaks during the meeting days.). Per diem will be paid for dinner and incidentals. All other services at the hotel (mini bar, telephones, etc) must be paid for directly by the participants.