INDEPTH Network ENAP Metrics Implementation Workshop, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The objectives of the workshop includes the following:

  • To finalize the data collection tools and the data collection process to improve survey capture of pregnancy losses
  • To share the best practices in strengthening the HDSS system on the capture of stillbirths and neonatal deaths
  • To review the data collection process across sites in capturing data on stillbirths and neonatal deaths
  • To agree on the data analysis plans for the 3 objectives
  • To agree on the scope of the qualitative work….
  • To review and refine the generic protocol for this work stream and facilitate a shared understanding of the objectives and processes involved,
  • To agree on outputs and dissemination strategies

Expected Outputs 

  •  Finalised version of the data collection tools (including mobile app application)
  •  Finalised version of the data collection process (including process of randomization)
  •  Finalised version of the survey questionnaire (and translation??)
  •  Finalised version of training manual for survey questionnaire
  •  Harmonised data collection process with ODK amongst data collection experts of the 5 sites
  •  HIDSS sites share their HDSS enhancement activities on how they capture stillbirths and neonatal deaths shared 
  •  Data management system/platform & cleaning process agreed
  •  Draft analysis plan for Objective 1 agreed 
  •  Draft analysis plan for Objective 2 agreed
  •  Draft analysis plan for Objective 3 agreed
  •  Draft analysis plan for Objective 4 agreed
  •  Draft plan of data analysis and site support mechanisms
  •  Draft of the qualitative data collection agreed
  •  Updated the gantt chart for all work streams
  •  Plan for output and dissemination activities agreed.
  •  Workshop report

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine  (LSHTM),UK

NAME HDSS, Country Position Picture Biosketch
Dr. Kassahun Alemu  Dabat, Ethiopia     Biosketch
Dr. Gashaw Andargie Biks Dabat, Ethiopia     Biosketch
Dr. Ane Bærent Fisker Bandim, Guinea Bissau     Biosketch
Dr. Nurul Alam Matlab, Bangladesh     Biosketch
Mr.  Sayed Saidul Alam Matlab, Bangladesh     Biosketch
 Mr. Taslim Ali Matlab, Bangladesh     Biosketch
 MD. Moinuddin Haider Matlab, Bangladesh     Biosketch
 Dr. Yeetey Akpe Kwesi Enuameh Kintampo, Ghana      Biosketch 
 Mr. Obed Ernest Akai Nettey Kintampo, Ghana     Biosketch
 Dr. Simon Kasasa  Iganga/Mayuge, Uganda     Biosketch
 Mr. Edward Galiwango Iganga/Mayuge, Uganda     Biosketch
Dr. Peter Waiswa Kampala, Uganda     Biosketch
Mr. Joseph Akuze Waiswa Kampala, Uganda     Biosketch 
Ms. Samuelina Siipara Arthur  INDEPTH     Biosketch
 Dr. Angela Baschieri        
 Dr. Vladimir Gordeev        
 Ms. Georgia Gore-Lang        
 Prof Joy Lawn        


Dr. Kassahun Alemu