The Lancet at INDEPTH

27 Jan 2017

This week the INDEPTH Resource and Training Centre had a special visitor. On 24 January 2017 Dr. Jocalyn Clark, the Executive Editor of a top medical journal, The Lancet, visited INDEPTH offices in Accra, Ghana,  and was met by the Executive Director Prof. Osman Sankoh and other staff.

Dr. Clark, who is also a member of INDEPTH Scientific Advisory Committee formerly worked as an  Executive Editor at icddr,b, a research organisation in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where she also trained doctors in scientific writing and publication.

The former Senior Editor at PLOS Medicine and former Assistant Editor at BMJ, Dr. Clark is also an Assistant Professor of Medicine at University of Toronto and Consultant to Grand Challenges Canada. She blogs at Speaking of Medicine, GCC, The Guardian and The BMJ.