Risk assessment an integral part of an organisation, says INDEPTH ED

8 May 2017

The INDEPTH Executive Director Prof. Osman Sankoh on Friday 5 May 2007 led a meeting of staff of the Resource and Training Centre in Accra to develop a risk assessment matrix for the oganisation. The tool allows quick view of the probable risks evaluated in terms of the likelihood or probability of the risk and the severity of the consequences.

Prof. Sankoh told staff that risk assessment was an integral part of an organisationand demonstrated how a Risk Assessment Matrix works. This was followed by a discussion on potential risk areas. Work to develop the risk assessment matrix will continue until the end of May when the final matrix will be submitted to the INDEPTH Board of Trustees for review and endorsement.

According to the ED, the Risk Assessment Matrix is in addition to other measures that are already in place. These include monthly management meetings, staff meetings (bi-weekly) and staff annual retreat. Others include meetings of the Board (at least two face-to-face in a year), Scientific Advisory Board (at least one face-to-face in a year), centre leaders (once a year at Annual General Meetings), INDEPTH Scientific Conference (every two years) and regular meetings with funders, either at their headquarters or when they visit INDEPTH Accra offices.  The Resource and Training Centre also sends weekly newsletters to the centre leaders, monthly newsletters to the Board and quarterly newsletters to the entire network of INDEPTH stakeholders.

"In addition we have established policies that govern the way we operate, from finance to administration, from science to policy and capacity. We have standard contracts for staff and there is a staff welfare committee. We ensure that all staff who travel on INDEPTH affairs must have a travel insurance. And all INDEPTH staff have a health insurance policy," he said.

To end, the ED said, “We produce annual technical reports and ensure we are audited annually by internationally reputable audit firms like KPMG and PWC. We complete and submit the Form 990 to the United States IRS. We make all our reports available on the website. All these form part of our risk management in INDEPTH."