Annual Report 2009

The past year seems to have gone by very fast almost like an hour, yet it is indeed a whole year and so soon it is time to reflect on one year post INDEPTH@10. Being an organisation that is so full of eventful developments, the year 2009 was no  exception and as such INDEPTH saw significant landmarks being registered every step of theway. While I may make mention of a few of such milestones in this brief statement, I invite you to read the full report in detail and take note of the major successes as well as challenges that were encountered during the year. First of all I should like to use this platform to extend sincere thanks to all stakeholders who have supported INDEPTH in oneway or the other to make the past year a memorable one – the Board of Trustees, the Scientific Advisory Committee, INDEPTH leaders of HDSSs,Working Group leaders and their teams, institutional partners/collaborators, and of course my most efficient and supportive teamat the secretariat. I acknowledge with deep gratitude our investment partners – funding agencies and in general all who have supported us on this journey tomake “people count.” We began the year 2009 on a very positive and energetic note and this continued throughout the year resulting in very robust and remarkable achievements in all areas of our work.