Annual Report 2010

There is so much to recall in the past year and I would not like to belittle or leave out any of the several landmarks that were recorded. At the same time also time and space constraints will not permit me to mention everything and as such I am compelled to restrict myself to the major events. The past year further demonstrated in many ways the value and maturity of INDEPTH. Not surprisingly my first comment is on the successful 2010 AGM which firmly endorsed the uniqueness of INDEPTH Network as an initiative of scientists from low-middleincome countries fully engaged in advancing research and promoting its application to improving the living standards of populations in their countries. The high standards of this 10th AGM (quantitative and qualitative) is indicative of the extent to which INDEPTH has become recognised as a constructive voice in the conduct of health  research. The two large INDEPTH projects: Malaria Clinical Trials Alliance (MCTA) and INDEPTH Effectiveness and Safety Studies of Antimalarial Drugs (INESS), have and continue to prove how the involvement of our indigenous scientists can add more value to efforts at dealing with malaria and expediting anti malarial drug deployment