Annual Report 2013

THE YEAR 2013 was a very successful one for INDEPTH. Perhaps its most notable achievements were the launch on July 1 of the world’s first online demographic and health data repository, the INDEPTH Data Repository (, and the accompanying website, INDEPTHStats ( 

The INDEPTH Data Repository is an online archive of high-quality datasets from INDEPTH
member Health and Demographic Surveillance Systems (HDSS) centres. It is the first data repository that specialises in longitudinal population-based data from low- and middle-income countries. The repository was established with six datasets from Vadu HDSS (India), Nairobi HDSS (Kenya), Magu HDSS (Tanzania), Chililab HDSS (Vietnam), Agincourt HDSS (South Africa) and Africa Centre HDSS (South Africa). INDEPTHStats is a website that contains summary statistics, images and graphs of key health and demographic indicators generated from the INDEPTH member HDSS centres. It provides researchers, government officials and policymakers with information that can guide their decision- making, including crude birth and death rates, age-specific fertility and death rates, infant, child, and under-five mortality rates, as well as numerous