Annual Report 2014

Annual Report 2014, Financial

There was very good news for INDEPTH during 2014 when the Network's Board Chair, Prof. Marcel Tanner, was named among the world's most productive researchers in the last 112 years of health systems research. Marcel was 6th in the top 20 most prolific authors. His success also means success for INDEPTH; I congratulate Marcel and wish him well in the year 2015.

And more good news: The INDEPTH family continued to grow. We added one additional member in 2013, the Birbhum HDSS in West Bengal, India, and three new centres were approved by the Board to join the Network in 2014, thus achieving more than 50 HDSSs from the initial 17 in 1998. The new members are the Chókwè HDSS in Mozambique, Cross River HDSS in Nigeria, and Kyamulibwa HDSS in Uganda. With these additions, the INDEPTH Network currently has 45 member centres operating 52 HDSS field sites in 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Oceania. Chókwè is a rural town in southern Mozambique. The Cross River HDSS in Nigeria covers a rural and urban area. Its rural site is the Ikot Nakanda Community while the urban site covers the Ikot Ishie – Ikot Ansa Communities. Kyamulibwa HDSS is located at the Kalungu district in Central Region, Uganda. I welcome our colleagues on board.