Annual Report 2016

Summary of Progress in 2016 in Relation to Strategic Objectives

Objective 1: To strengthen the capacity of INDEPTH member centres to conduct longitudinal health and demographic studies

Drafting Strategic Plan 2017-2021
One of the key achievements this year was the brainstorming and identification of emerging opportunities and future strategic direction for the Network. A successful strategic planning meeting was convened in Johannesburg, South
Africa from 4-6 August 2016. This allowed for refining the INDEPTH Vision and Mission and Strategic Objectives. Moreover, a general consensus was reached on main multi-centre study opportunities for the next 5-years and beyond.

Improving data management systems and data sharing

INDEPTH in 2016 continued to strengthen data management systems and harmonized data across member centres alongside training of a new generation of data managers and scientists. Further strides were made towards assisting member centres to migrate from paper to electronic data capture using the OpenHDS platform. With four INDEPTH members already using this platform for capturing data, a week-long training was provided for representatives from Nouna HDSS (Burkina Faso); Navrongo HDSS (Ghana); Chokwe HDSS (Mozambique); Agincourt HDSS (South Africa) and Iganga Mayuge HDSS (Uganda) to acquire knowledge on OpenHDS setup and its implementation. This brought the number of members trained on this to over 20. Click attachment on your right to read more.