Resource kit
28 Sep 2015
There is no manual or text book for conducting demographic surveillance.  However the staff of Health and Demographic Surveillance Systems (HDSSs) in low- and middle-income countries retain a wealth of experience in managing such sites.  The value of HDSS sites contributing to both research and development agendas has resulted in a steady proliferation of HDSS sites in recent years. 37 HDSS field sites are now part of the INDEPTH Network. 
Many new sites are in development. New sites often suffer unnecessary startup difficulties and delays because of lack of timely access to expertise and technical know-how associated with the practical aspects of starting and running an HDSS site. At the same time, established sites are increasingly challenged to provide additional information to serve the intensified efforts of countries to reduce poverty and improve health.  INDEPTH has therefore harvested the best practices and experiences of its existing sites into this resource kit.
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(Accra, 2008)

A new edition of this kit is under preparation.