Grants & Consultancy Services Management


This Grants Management Section was created to manage grants to INDEPTH as well as sub-grants the Secretariat awards to member centres and partners. The Grants Manager deals directly with our sub-grantees and ensures that contracts, purchase orders, etc are well prepared. The Section co-ordinates with the Finance Section to ensure that when financial reports are submitted they are reviewed by the Finance Section. Technical reports submitted on projects are received by the Grants Section which co-ordinates their review with the Scientific Research and Co-ordination Section.

  1. Grants from INDEPTH
  2. Grants to INDEPTH



The Resource & Training Centre has a resource centre which is responsible for INDEPTH's Consultancy Services.

Please read below our organisational capability statement. The Resource Centre can provide a statement specific to your needs. 

You may start by reading How to Collaborate with the INDEPTH Network.