Policy Engagement & Communications

Tailor research outputs as appropriate for different audiences and stakeholders to reduce the critical gap between research findings and action.

INDEPTH has raised the profile of Health and Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS) sites as a source of critical health and development research and information, but more can be done to facilitate translation of findings into policy and practice. In essence, we aim to bridge a major evidence gap. We need to improve our reputation and that of our members as effective suppliers of high-quality health statistics that inform health policy and practice. We will put more effort into developing linkages with international agencies, scientific networks and associations whose mission aligns with ours. At the national level, the Network will do more to assist members build stronger relationships with stakeholders such as Ministries of Health, National Statistical Organisations and local universities.

The goal is to maintain an ongoing dialogue with key stakeholders at all levels, to ensure that our work is known, understood and used by those who develop policies and programmes.

How we work