Template for the development of a full proposal

I.  Information about applicants

Name of the applicant(s)
Contact details

II. Information about the institution
A.  Mission,  history,  and  activities  of  the  applying  institution  including  organizational  and  scientific capacity.
B.  Describe  your  institution's  international  experiences  in  initiating  and  managing  national  and international  networks.
C.  Describe  your  institution's  experience  in  communication  through  publishing  newsletter, annual reports,  teleconferencing,  web-site  maintenance.
D.  Describe your institution's experience in organizing major international conferences, 
Research training (short-  and  long-term),  and  other  similar  activities.
E.  Provide  a  brief  description  of  the  country's  comparative  advantage  and  its  national        health research coordination  structures  and  stakeholders.

III. The INDEPTH Headquarters
F. The institution will host the INDEPTH Headquarters for an initial period of five (5) years, renewable
G. Proposed organisation of the new INDEPTH Headquarters will have a maximum requirement of 5 offices.
Proposed interactions with host institutions include provision of logistics for the INDEPTH Headquarters.
H.  Describe  how  the  host  institution  will  support  the  INDEPTH activities in relation to fundraising for INDEPTH, maintaining  relationship  with  the chairs and members of the INDEPTH Board and Scientific Advisory Committee, and any support to INDEPTH that your institution may consider appropriate.
I.  The  expectations  of  INDEPTH Network  from  the  host  institution  comprise  at  least:

● Provision  of  two  support  staff to be determined;
● Provision  of  office  space  for two  support  staff  and 5-6 senior staff including the Executive Director;
● Availability  of  meeting  room  (for  group  meetings);
● An  administrative  infrastructure  and  IT  platform;
● Facilitating  the  process  for  the  relocation  of  the  office  and international staff; and
● Ability to register INDEPTH Network as an international organisation in the country of applying institution with potential for a headquarters agreement that would accord INDEPTH tax-exempt status.

IV. Budget:
J.  Proposed  budget:  Please  specify  which  items  your  institution  will  finance  for  INDEPTH Network and those that will be billed to INDEPTH Network as specified in the appended budget form (Appendix A).

V.  Conclusion
Provide  a  strategy  analysis  showing  your  institution’s  strengths,  weaknesses, opportunities  and  threats with regard to hosting the INDEPTH Headquarters

VI. Selection procedure
To  ensure  that  the  selection  procedure  for  the  institution  to  host  the  INDEPTH Headquarters is  conducted  in  a  fair and transparent manner, the following process will be respected:
K.  A Selection Committee established by the Board will conduct the initial review of the applications and make recommendations to the INDEPTH Board.
The selection criteria will include but not limited to the following:

  1. Host institution‘s history, reputation and experience in the areas of work of the Network;
  2. Experience in hosting similar or other institutions/organizations;
  3. Visibility of the host institution;
  4. Accessibility of the hosting country – including location, ease of transportation to/fro country ;
  5. Stability of host country ; and
  6. Facilities and support to be granted to INDEPTH Network.

The recommendation shall indicate the most suitable host in order of decreasing preference.

L.  There will be a visit to the top two institutions by February 15, 2018
M.  The INDEPTH Board will make the final decision regarding the selection by February 28, 2018.

2. Motivation for Budget

Please provide detailed motivation and basis for the requests made above.

Outline details and status of any funding that has been received, applied for or committed to the proposed transfer and maintenance of the INDEPTH Headquarters to your institution.

Appendix A

Budget  (itemized  list  of  financial  requirements  to  successfully  host  the INDEPTH Headquarters,  with  a  substantive  motivation  for  the  listed  requirements  or levels of funding)
Item Description (provide details) Unit Cost No of Units Total Cost per year (US$) Amount requested from INDEPTH
1. Office Space Facility Office space, meeting room, electricity, water        
2. Support Staff 1. ….        
2. ….
3. Administration, Infrastructure, IT Platform Admin, Infrastructure, Internet, Telephone        
4. Specialised Services Equipment maintenance        
5. Fundraising Funding to support the INDEPTH Scientific Conference every two years        

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