AWI-Gen Writing And Publications Workshop, Johannesburg, South Africa

The aim of this workshop is to advance and expand the  publication agenda of AWI-Gen with the involvement of all the Centres  and the Core. It will be a planning and hands-on data analysis  workshop with a mixture of disciplines represented among the  participants.

  Specific Objectives:  

  1.  To develop and strategy for data QC completion Phase 1;
  2.  To discuss the set of centre-specific papers on BMI data: each  AWI-Gen Centre to present their data tables for comment;
  3.  Develop the rationale and analysis strategy for 2 AWI-Gen-wide  papers focusing of "Prevalence, awareness and treatment"

                           i.         Diabetes
                          ii.         Dyslipidaemia

  4.     Develop a 2017 publication plan for AWI-Gen.

  Proposed Outcomes And Specific Workshop Deliverables:

  1. Data QC completion plan for Phase 1 (Questionnaire,  anthropometry and biomarker data) and timeline;
  2. Centre-specific BMI papers fully planned, major conclusions  highlighted, and firm completion deadlines for submission to Global  Health Action;
  3. Body composition cross AWI-Gen paper planned and analyses  agreed
  4. Two AWI-Gen wide papers: Analysis near completion and papers  planned

                i.  Diabetes
               ii. Dyslipidaemia

  5.     Elaboration of 2017 publications plan using the AWI-Gen  publications spreadsheet


South Africa

  • Sam Ntuli
  • Marianne Alberts
  • Felistas Mashinya
  • Ian Cook
  • Lisa Micklesfield

Nairobi and Nanoro

  • Toussaint Rouamba
  • Tilahun Haregu
  • Hermann Sorgho
  • Shukri Farah Mohamed


  • Ananyo Choudhury
  • Cassandra Soo
  • Engelbert Nonterah
  • Freedom Mukomana
  • Michele Ramsay
  • Natalie Smythe
  • Nigel Crowther
  • Romuald Boua
  • Ryan Wagner
  • Scott Hazelhurst
  • Shane Norris
  • Sulamon Afalabi
  • Sumaya Mall
  • Xavier Olive-Gomez