Effectiveness and safety studies of antimalarial drugs in Africa by Africans

The INDEPTH Effectiveness and Safety Studies of Antimalarial Drugs in Africa (INESS) is an exciting new platform that aims to enable African researchers to carry out large Phase IV trials.  This will result in systematic, evidence-based reviews of the comparative effectiveness and safety of malaria drugs in many widely used drug classes, and to apply the findings to inform public policy and related activities in local settings.

This kind of Phase IV studies for antimalarials has not previously taken place in Africa under the direction of African researchers. It will provide objective country-specific effectiveness and safety data to inform global and national policy and practice and will speed up access to evidence on treatment effectiveness and safety. INESS will also enhance African capacity to monitor local health systems in order to the track the costs, effectiveness of coverage, and impact of newly registered antimalarial treatments.  Overall, INESS aims to reduce the time gap between the licensing of a new drug and its introduction into health systems for use