INESS Collaborators

Good, policy relevant research/studies that seek to achieve impact, influence policy formulation and implementation and ultimately impact on the lives of people require along the way strong collaborations, networking and institutional partnerships.  

Collaboration guarantees sustainability of research projects and ensures that they do not remain mere inky paper decorations.  It adds value to research findings and new discoveries and helps to integrate such findings into policy formulation and implementation thereby promoting research-driven policy formulation and implementation.

For INESS, collaboration is one of the main pillars around which the body of its work revolves. 

Since its inception therefore, INESS has placed much emphasis on fostering collaborations with a range of influentialorganizations and institutions in the North and South and at national, regional, international and global level. These collaborations have contributed immensely to the progress of work and resulted in extensive expertise being developed in specialised areas.  They have generated multiple viewpoints, created legitimacy and promoted a sense of shared responsibility while stimulating broad awareness and momentum for change.

 Among the many collaborating institutions are the following:

  1. Sigma Tau, Pomezia, Italy - a pharmaceutical manufacturer
  2. MMV (Medicines for Malaria Venture ), Geneva, Switzerland - a non-profit foundation created to develop new affordable drugs.
  3. National Malaria Control Programme, Ministry of Health in the participating countries.  (Ghana, Tanzania, Burkina Faso and Mozambique)
  4. WHO/AFRO – World Health Organization country offices in the participating countries
  5. Food and Drugs Boards in the participating countries
  6. School of Public Health, University of Ghana
  7. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta, Georgia USA
  8. Swiss TPH, Switzerland
  9. ACT Consortium 
  10. AMMREN
  11. Malaria Pregnancy Consortium
  12. Malaria Medicine Ventures (MMV)