iSHARE2 Aims and Objectives


To enable all INDEPTH member centres to contribute fully documented, high-quality micro-level datasets to the Scientific Programme timeously and effectively, and to greatly increase the ability of INDEPTH and member centres to share longitudinal health and population data with the scientific community.


  1. Assist INDEPTH Scientific Working Groups and Network scientific activities to develop, document, extract, harmonise and quality-assure the analytical datasets required from member centres’ operational databases
  2. Lead a major expansion in INDEPTH data sharing by making available the micro datasets produced by Network scientific activities on a publicly accessible, web-hosted INDEPTH repository in accordance with the INDEPTH Data Access and Sharing Policy (working version attached); this includes sharing the metadata of these datasets with other relevant data repositories
  3. Strengthen and maintain the skills, procedures and infrastructure necessary at Network and centre level to assure quality and responsibly share longitudinal datasets of public health importance with the scientific and policy community
  4. Support the building of data management capacity for the Network by providing course content and placements for students and trainees in research data management.