Launch of Strengthening Quality of Malaria Care and Surveillance in Ghanaian Communities, Accra, Ghana

In April 2017, the INDEPTH Network was awarded a three year project (2017-2019) by Comic Relief UK & GSK to strengthen the quality of malaria care and surveillance in Ghanaian communities (Kintampo, Dodowa, and Navrongo health and demographic surveillance system sites). The project aims to accelerate the reduction of malaria burden among children under ten years and pregnant women in rural communities through a package of: a) access to quality malaria care at the community b) improved knowledge among malaria care providers c) enhanced community demand for quality malaria care and d) quality malaria data for decision making.

Between 27th and 28th July 2017, the INDEPTH Resource and Training Centre will launch the project at Miklin Hotel in East Legon, Accra, Ghana. Project partners, including AMMREN and research teams from Kintampo, Dodowa, and Navrongo Research Centres, will attend on the 27th. Stakeholders will join on the 28th including district and regional directors representing the three implementing study sites, representatives from the National Malaria Control Programme, and Department of Policy and Planning in the Ministry of Health. Dr. Kwaku Poku Asante from Kintampo Health and Research Centre and Dr. Mamusu Kamanda from the INDEPTH Resource and Training Centre will facilitate the meeting.

The aims of the workshop are to give an overview of the aims and objectives of the project, and to get stakeholder involvement on how to maximize the impact of the project. Further, we will discuss how the current project can support the national programme for malaria control as well as how project activities can be sustained beyond the life of the research grant.

  Name HDSS/Institution Position Picture Biosketch
MOH/Malaria control programme
1 [Programme Manager] Malaria Control Programme      
2 [Director] Policy and Planning, Ministry of Health      
  Kintampo Team  
3 Dr. Kwaku Poku Asante Kintampo HDSS     Biosketch 
4 Ms. Charlotte Tawiah Kintampo HDSS Deputy ChiefResearch Officer/Research Fellow    Biosketch
5 Mr. Francis Agbokey Kintampo HDSS Research Fellow    Biosketch
6 Dr. Eric Acolatse District Director, Kintampo       
7 Ms. Alice Afua Vorleto District Director, Kintampo      
8 Dr. Timothy Letsa Regional Director of Health Services      
9 Mr. Owusu Ansah Implementer from the Districts Technical Officer (Health Information    Biosketch
10 Ms. Joana Duubong Implementer from the Districts Municipal Nutrition Officer     Biosketch
  Navrongo Team
11 Mr. Thomas Anyorigiya Navrongo HDSS Senior Research Officer    Biosketch
12 Dr. Nathan Mensah Navrongo HDSS  

Health Informatician

13 Dr. Evelyn Sakeah Navrongo HDSS      Biosketch
14 Dr. Kofi Issah Regional Director of Health Services, Upper East Region      
15 Juliana Anam-erime District Director, Upper East Region      
16 Benjamin Aggrey District Director, Upper East Region      
17 Mr. Francis Adongo  Implementer from Navrongo      
18 Mathilda Yelbaya  Implementer from Navrongo      
  Dodowa Team
19 Dr. John Williams Dodowa HDSS      Biosketch
20 Ms. Vida Kukula Dodowa HDSS  Principal Nursing Officer    Biosketch
21 Mr. Solomon Narh-Bana Dodowa HDSS      Biosketch
22 Rev. Ebenezer Asiamah District Director of Health Service, Shai Osudoku District      Biosketch
23 Mrs. Gifty Ofori Ansah District Director of Health Service, Ningo Prampram District      Biosketch
24 Dr. Linda Van Otoo Regional Director of Health services, Greater-Accra Region      Biosketch
25 Ms Charity Sikanku Implementer from DHRC Public Health Nurse    Biosketch
26 Ms Linda Asamany Implementer from DHRC      Biosketch
27 Charity Binka AMMREN      Biosketch
28 Eunice Menka AMMREN      Biosketch
29  Mr. Franklin Addison AMMREN      Biosketch
  INDEPTH Team  
30 Mamusu Kamanda INDEPTH Network  

Post-doctoral Research Fellow; Acting Head Science Research and Co-ordination

31 Sixtus Apaliyah INDEPTH Network  Finance Manger    Biosketch
32 Felicia Manu INDEPTH Network Grants and Communication Manager    Biosketch
33 Osman Sankoh INDEPTH Network Executive Director    Biosketch