Key Activities

 Wits-INDEPTH Group at Addis  Wits-INDEPTH Ethics Workshop, Dec 2012
  • Fostering genetic and genomic research capacity development in Africa
  • Investigating the genomic architecture of the African populations included in the study
  • Developing harmonized phenotypic measures for body composition across the participating Centres
  • Conducting a pilot study to explore the role of candidate genes in body composition among 2000 Soweto-based participants
  • Understanding the genetic and environmental contributions to obesity and body fat distribution through a GWAS analysis on 12 000 Africans (2000 DNA samples from each of six Centres, two in western (Ghana and Burkina Faso), one in eastern (Kenya) and three in southern Africa (South Africa))

Events and milestones


  • H3Africa Collaborative Centre awarded to Wits/INDEPTH (August 2012)
  • Biorepository workshop – Johannesburg, South Africa (August 2012)
  • H3Africa Inaugural Meeting - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (October 2012)
  • Ethics workshop – Johannesburg, South Africa (December 2012)
  • NIH  IEARD Training - USA (May 2013)
  • AWI-Gen2 meeting  - Accra, Ghana (22 - 23, February 2018)