Partner Organisations

Participating Divisions within the University of the Witwatersrand

Sydney Brenner Institute for Molecular Bioscience

                Wits Bioinformatics

Faculty of Health Sciences

School of Public Health

School of Pathology

                Division of Human Genetics

                Division of Chemical Pathology

School of Clinical Medicine

                Developmental Pathways for Health Research Unit

 Non-Wits-INDEPTH supporting partners

                University of Bristol                          UK

                University of Newcastle                    UK

                Oxford University                             UK

                Harvard University                            USA

                Penn State University                        USA

                University of Pennsylvania                 USA

                Virginia Tech                                     USA

                NICD                                                 South Africa

 The six AWI-Gen research Centres and the Genetics and Bioinformatics teams are supported by an integrated management system consisting of input from principal investigators and senior scientific research personnel overseeing various aspects of the project, as well as international scientific and training collaborators, grant administration personnel, and capacity development programmes.