Centre Leader(s)

INDEPTH membership is given to institutions that run health and demographic surveillance systems (HDSSs). These are the parent institutions which we refer to as member centres of INDEPTH. A director of such a centre or his/her designee is referred to by INDEPTH as a centre leader. However, some centres have two or more HDSS field sites. Each of these HDSSs may have heads (field station managers, for example). INDEPTH considers these heads as Site Leaders. ALL centre/site leaders receive communications from the Resource & Training Centre.

Centre leaders

Professor Steve Tollman Centre Leader Agincourt HDSS South Africa
Dr. Abraham J. Herbst (Kobus) Centre Leader AHRI HDSS South Africa
Befikadu Tariku Centre Leader Arba Minch HDSS Ethiopia
Dr Cheikh Sokhna HDSS Leader Bandafassi HDSS Senegal
Prof. Peter Aaby Centre Leader Bandim HDSS Guinea-Bissau
Prof. Mitike Molla Centre Leader Butajira HDSS Ethiopia
Dr. Ricardo Thompson Centre Leader Chókwè HDSS Mozambique
Dr. Kassahun Alemu Centre Leader Dabat HDSS Ethiopia
Prof. Marianne Alberts Centre Leader Dikgale HDSS South Africa
Dr. John Williams Centre Leader Dodowa HDSS Ghana
Dr. Momodou Jasseh Centre Leader Farafenni HDSS Gambia
Mr. Fasil Tessema Centre Leader Gilgel Gibe HDSS Ethiopia
Dr. Nega Assefa Leader Harar HDSS Ethiopia
Dr. Dan Kajungu Centre Leader Iganga/Mayuge Uganda
Prof. Amelia Crampin Centre Leader Karonga HDSS Malawi
Prof. Seni Kouanda Centre Leader Kaya HDSS Burkina Faso
Dr. Nega Assefa Centre Leader Kersa HDSS Ethiopia
Prof. Anthony Scott Centre Leader Kilifi HDSS Kenya
Prof. Thomas Williams Centre Leader Kilifi HDSS Kenya
Dr. Kwaku Poku Asante Centre Leader Kintampo HDSS Ghana
Dr. Jennifer Verani Centre Leader Kisumu HDSS Kenya
Dr. Walter Otieno Centre Leader Kombewa HDSS Kenya
Dr. Robert Newton Centre Leader Kyamulibwa HDSS Uganda
Dr. Macete Eusebio Centre Leader Manhica HDSS Mozambique
Prof. Satoshi Kaneko Centre Leader Mbita HDSS Kenya
Dr Cheikh Sokhna HDSS Leader Mlomp HDSS Senegal
Prof. Oche Mansur Oche Centre Leader Nahuche HDSS Nigeria
Prof. Halidou Tinto Centre Leader Nanoro HDSS Burkina Faso
Dr. Abraham Oduro Centre Leader Navrongo HDSS Ghana
Dr Cheikh Sokhna HDSS Leader Niakhar HDSS Senegal
Dr. Ali Sie Centre Leader Nouna HDSS Burkina Faso
Prof. Abdramane Soura Centre Leader Ouagadougou HDSS Burkina Faso
Prof. Nelson Sewankambo Centre Leader Rakai HDSS Uganda
Dr. Sirima Sodiomon Centre Leader Sapone HDSS Burkina Faso
Professor Bassirou Bonfoh Centre Leader Taabo HDSS Cote d'Ivoire
Prof. Shashi Kant Centre Leader Ballabgarh HDSS India
Dr. Wasif Ali Khan Centre Leader Bandarban HDSS Bangladesh
Prof Hoang Van Minh Centre Leader Chililab HDSS Associate Members
Dr. Abdur Razzaque Centre Leader Dhaka HDSS Bangladesh
Dr. Tran Khanh Toan Centre Leader DodaLab HDSS Vietnam
Dr. Honorati Masanja Centre Leader Ifakara HDSS Associate Members
Prof Sureeporn Punpuing Centre Leader Kanchanaburi HDSS Associate Members
Mr. Mark Urassa Centre Leader Magu HDSS Associate Members
Dr. Quamrun Nahar Centre Leader Matlab HDSS Bangladesh
Dr. Bang Pham Nguyen Centre Leader PiH HDSS Papua New Guinea
Prof. Siswanto Wilopo Centre Leader Purworejo HDSS Indonesia
Dr. Honorati Masanja HDSS Leader Rufiji HDSS Associate Members
Prof Daniel D Reidpath Centre Leader SEACO HDSS Malaysia
Dr. Sanjay Juvekar Centre Leader Vadu HDSS India
Mr. Bakary Sonko Centre Leader West Kiang HDSS Associate Members
Dr. Bang Pham Nguyen Centre Leader Wosera HDSS Associate Members